Are you enthusiastic about our brand? Do you have a large following behind our vision state? Or are you interested in selling our clothing yourself? Then work with us!

We believe in quality over quantity, which is why you will only find the best items on our site. Fitness shirts that feel great, so that nothing stands in the way of top performance in the gym.

 "Your workout wear is a reflection of who you want to become, and we want it to be the best."

What's in it for you?

What exactly does it benefit you? A fair question, of course, and that depends entirely on the type of cooperation we enter into with each other. Whether you are a vlogger, blogger, influencer, celebrity or have your own gym; mutual expectations will be different for everyone. We therefore only offer tailor-made collaborations.


Beautiful! If you support our vision, we would like to work with you to make this world a little stronger, and better. Send us a message with subject 'Cooperation'. We do our best to answer your message as soon as possible.