Performance enhancing sports shirts for men

To perform optimally you have good ones sports gear required. A sports shirt is an important part of that. Not only does a nice sports outfit motivate you to train, it also contributes to achieving the best sports performance. Are you ready to get the most out of your gym session?

Man in rood sleeveless shirt in de gym met barbell

The benefits of Kratosz gym shirts for men

  1. For the manufacture of our shirts we only use the best quality cotton, perfectly balanced with the right amount of high quality spandex. This gives you maximum freedom of movement during your workout.
  2. During your training you work up a lot of sweat, which is why our shirts are made of breathable fabrics. This ensures that moisture is removed during your workout, so that you stay cool and dry. You will experience a huge difference from a normal t-shirt in which you quickly overheat and negatively affect your performance. Our fabric also prevents bacteria formation. Less sweat and bacteria growth means no more smelly training shirt. This does not mean that you no longer have to wash your shirt ...
  3. Our sports shirts protect you in all weather conditions. In winter, combine the shirt under your training clothes, so that you wear an extra breathable layer. This provides ventilation and keeps you warm during your outdoor workout. In the summer, our shirts keep you cool and dry when you train outside. Do you choose one of our white gym shirts in the summer? Then they also reflect the sun's rays.
  4. Our shirts have the perfect fit, feel soft and sturdy. This makes it the most comfortable shirts for your workout.
  5. Due to high performance design you have the greatest possible freedom of movement to make every workout successful. For the best performance, flexible clothing, in which you can stretch yourself to the maximum, is necessary. Sportswear that is too tight has a negative effect on your sports performance.
  6. This makes our shirts suitable for any training, whether you are doing a WOD during crossfit, lifting weights in the gym, boxing, playing football or doing an obstacle run: with the Kratosz shirt you will win!
  7. You can even get injured from too tight sports shirts. The Kratosz gym shirts are designed to be able to train freely and prevent injuries.
  8. You will enjoy our training shirts for a long time. The high quality and the use of the latest fitness clothing technology makes the shirts extra durable.

Men invest in sports outfits

Nothing is more annoying than having to skip a workout because all your sports outfits are in the wash. Do you train five times a week? Make sure you also have at least five sports shirts, so that the lack of a clean shirt does not have to be an excuse for missing a workout. Our gym shirts are available in the colors red, white and black and match with almost any color of sweatpants.

Mannen in gym shirt voor mannen verschillende kleuren zittend op een trap buiten NDSM werf

Gym shirts for men that accentuate your muscles

It has probably not escaped you that since you work several times a week on building your muscle mass, all your clothes look better. With our specially designed sports shirts your gym clothes will be too next level.

The design of our gym shirts makes your muscles come out even better. Wearing a well-fitting sports shirt what you accentuates muscles gives your self-confidence a huge boost. And when you know that you look good and feel confident, you will perform even better.

Our gym shirt is available in two versions. The sleeveless version has a deep side cut that accentuates your toned chest. The shirt with sleeves fits seamlessly and the tight-fitting sleeves accentuate your biceps and triceps. This also makes the shirt perfect to wear outside the gym.

Order your favorite new sports shirts

Our shirts are exclusively designed in Amsterdam and are shipped from our warehouse in Nieuwveen. This means that you receive your order quickly, because the next day shine you in your new favorite gym shirt. Orders over € 100 are also shipped for free!

Order a Kratosz gym shirt now and bring your sports performance to unprecedented heights.

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